EasyGet WiFi Wireless Fiber Endface Microscope (Inspection Scope)


[Purchase Easyget / Autoget Tips] The dirt and/or damage on fiber endface of the optical connectors, could directly cause attenuation or even makes the optical path blocked down, they are the most common causes of...


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[Purchase Easyget / Autoget Tips]

The dirt and/or damage on fiber endface of the optical connectors, could directly cause attenuation or even makes the optical path blocked down, they are the most common causes of optical network problems. Therefore, a lightweight, portable, fast and intuitive wireless fiber endface inspector is quite necessary and indispensable for field technicians.

Dimension EasyGet Wifi wireless fiber endface microscope, based on manual inspection, through software upgrade endface to achieve automatic detection function, provides a true wireless fiber endface automatic detection solution. Through Wifi and real-time transmission of video, automatic analysis, storage of data and reports among various smart terminal devices, field technicians can visually check the quality of the fiber endface on their mobile devices, light and portable, easy to use, self-powered, and Humanized appearance design, which provides an unparalleled user experience, it is the most practical optical fiber endface inspection for field technicians.

Main Features

  • Lightweight and portable, easy to use
  • Support Wifi and USB data transfer
  • The software interface is concise, intuitive and intelligent, and the images can be viewed in real time and automatically analyzed
  • Compatible with mainstream intelligent terminals (Wins/Android/iOS)
  • Built-in battery, duration up to 5 hours
  • Universal USB Type C interface, compatible with various charging devices
  • Unique LED light, flexible at low-light or dark environment
  • OTDR partner, ideal tool for field technicians

Easyget Wifi - features

Lightweight and portable, easy to use

EasyGet Wifi is lightweight, portable, and durable. One-hand operation and slim body design enables the inspection for the most complicated scenarios. The unique surround focus ring and image capture button, makes the fiber endface inspection more easier. 

Wifi Data Transfer

EasyGet Wifi can transfer images to all kinds of intelligent terminal equipments, with automatic analysis function, are convenient for users to online view, automatic inspection and automatic storage of data and reports on the end state of optical fiber, which is convenient and flexible.

Easyget Wifi - features 2
Wide OS Compatibility

EasyGet Wifi software is widely adaptable and can be used on PCs and various mobile devices with mainstream operating systems (Wins/Android/iOS). You can directly use the smart phone, laptop or tablet for convenient operation.

Scan the QR code on the body to download and install the EasyGet Wifi APP, and the software is available on main online markets. No special training is required and the installation is easy and convenient.

Intuitive interface, intelligent displays

EasyGet Wifi has the most user-friendly design, the interface is simple, intuitive and intelligent. In addition to viewing and recording function for the fiber endface status, users can pinch-zoom images, and rotate the screen per watching habits etc.

Universal USB Type C interface

EasyGet Wifi has a built-in rechargeable intelligent battery, duration up to 5 hours in a single operation. It also can be used while charging. EasyGet Wifi is equipped with an universal USB Type C charging interface, which is compatible with various charging devices, such as PC's USB interface, power bank etc. Users no need to carry a dedicated charging device.
Easyget Wifi - features 3
Unique LED lighting

EasyGet Wifi equipped with LED light,it can be easily used even in low-light or dark environments, bring Dimension customers with great convenience.

Best partner for OTDR

EasyGet Wifi is the best partner for OTDR, and the matching choice in fiber endface inspecting for field technicians.
Easyget Wifi - features 4
Rich adapter parts

EasyGet Wifi has more than 50 kinds of adapters, can meet user's different inspection needs, support MPO/MTP. Special adapter interface can be customized.
Easyget Wifi - features 5

Resolution 0.42um
Image Sensor Five million CMOS
Optical Magnification 10X
Particle Size Detection <1um
Video Signal Format MJPEG
Field of View 512um×384um
Focusing Mode Manual
Signal Output WiFi / USB Type C
Software Compatible Android 4.2/IOS 9.3/PC Win7 or later version
Power Supply

Built-in Li-ion battery (chargeable & replaceable)

Life time 5 hours
Charge Time 2.5 hours
Charge Adapter USB DC adaptor 5V/2A
Accessibility With white LED environment lighting
Operating Temp. -5°C~+40°C
Storage Temp -20°C~+55°C
Relative Humidity <90%(Working/Storage)
Weight 188g
Dimensions 211mm×44mm×33mm