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Masstron works hand in hand with our valued partners to offer innovative solutions for our clients’ problems. Our solutions are formulated with design flexibility, ease of installation, highest density and greater scalability in mind. We design to maximize your productivity.

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Fiber optics solutions for the data centers can be applied with:

A - Corning Fiber Solution

(A1) Pretium EDGE MTP Trunks

- Provide backbone of Pretium Edge solution

- Designed to interface with the Pretium EDGE or Plug & Play modules

- Conform to TIA-568 Type-B polarity

(A2) Pretium EDGE Reverse Polarity Uniboot Duplex Jumper

-  Allow quick and easy conversion from a TIA-568 A-B polarity to a TIA-568 A-A polarity without exposing the fibers or needing any tools

(A3) Pretium Edge HD Solutions

- High-density pre-terminated optical cabling solutions offering industry leading connector density

(A4) Pretium EDGE Modules

- Provide interface between the MTP connectors on the trunk and the LC duplex jumpers that will then connect directly into the electronics

- LC duplex adaptors feature hinged VFL-compatible shutters that move up and out of the way when the connector is inserted are specially designed to ensure that end faces of the connectors are never touched

(A5) Closet Connector Housing (CCH)

- Provide interconnect or cross-connect capabilities between outside plant, riser or distribution cables and opto-electronics

(A6) CCH Pigtailed Splice Cassette

- Pre-loaded and pre-routed for quick fusion splicing and easy modular management of connectorization within the housing

(A7) Unicam High-Performance Tool Kit (TKT-UNICAM-PFC)

- A lightweight, handheld installation tool kit carefully designed to virtually eliminates human variability from the installation process

B - JDSU OMK 35 

Handhelds Pocket Class Meter Series

- Pocket-sized and rugged power meter and light source to install and maintain fiber optic networks

C - Fiber Optic Cleaning

- Sticklers - Wide range from splice & connector, bench top CleanWipes or outdoor CleanStixx

- USConec - Mechanical cleaning tools for adaptor, end-face & unmated connectors

D - Cabling Solutions


E - Allied Telesis Network Solution

 (E1) Allied Telesis SwitchBalde X8112 / x8106

The resilient core of high available networks

- Designed to deliver high available, wire-speed performance & 10G port count

- Advanced features to meet key requirements in resiliency, reliability & high performance

- Incredibly eco-friendly, utilizing high-efficiency power supplies & low-power chip set

- Easily the most power efficient chassis in its class

(E2) Allied Telesis AT-DC2552XS

High performance, low latency, top-of-rack data center switch

- Designed for virtualized data center and cloud environments with high density 10GbE and 40GbE connectivity

- SPF+ slot x 48 ports and QSFP+ slot x 4 ports for high-bandwidth uplinks

- Switching capacity 1280 Gbps

- Front-to-back airflow, hot-swappable power supply, fan modules, and optics modules (SFP+, QSFP)