With state of art testing equipment, precision termination process and advanced polishing methods, our local manufacturing of pigtails and jumper cables exceed the industry standards. We also provide harsh environment connectors for a variety of applications.


ST Connector
MTRJ Connector
MT & MTP Connector
FC Connector
SC Connector
LC Connector

Singlemode & Multimode Patch Cords & Pigtails

Masstron provides the broadest choice of patchcords to the industry including ST, FC, SC, LC, MTRJ, MTP, MPO and with Ultra-Polished (UPC), Angle-Polished (APC) or other polish requirement. With our state-of-art testing equipment, refined polishing machine, advanced polishing procedure and a group of experienced technicians, we make reliable and top quality patchcords at an affordable price. Every patchcord supplied by Masstron is guaranteed to be well polished and exceeds the industry standards.

Patch Cords

Optical Adhesives

Norland UV Curing Adhesives

Norland Optical and Electronic Adhesives are designed for fast, precision bonding and will simplify processes that require critical alignment or exact positioning.

These one part adhesives will set in seconds when exposed to ultraviolet light and can provide excellent light transmission over a wide spectral range. Norland Optical Glues are designed for bonding where low strain, optical clarity or low outgassing are required in military, aerospace, fiber optics or commercial optics.

Norland UV Curing Adhesives

NTT-AT Optical Adhesive

NTT-AT provides detailed solutions that meet customers’ needs for various types of optical adhesive. For the commercialization of high reliability optical parts, an adhesive is required which has excellent durability, in addition to application-specific optical characteristics and various other features. To meet requirements of individual applications, NTT-AT supplies various types of adhesive, such as those with a specific refractive index, a capability of fixing with high precision, high heat resistance, high elasticity and low moisture permeation. In addition, NTT-AT can customize its adhesives to suit customers’ needs.

NTT-AT Optical Adhesive