Industries - Oil & Gas


The oil and gas industry requires a specific fiber optic solution and high-tech cabling to ensure safety and durability in harsh conditions.

Industries - Oil & Gas Application

Fiber optics solutions for the oil & gas industry can be applied with:

A - Industrial Ethernet / Fieldbus Cables

(A1) Teldor Industrial Ethernet Cables

- Available in Cat 5 / Cat 6 / Cat 6A / Cat 7 (S/FTP or U/FTP or U/UTP)

- PVC or flame retardant standard

- Overall jacketed with industrial grade compound option

(A2) Teldor Fieldbus, Profibus, DeviceNet Cables

- UV resistant FR-PVC for wide temperature range compound

- IEC 60332-1, IEC 60332-3, UL 1581 VW-1, UL CMR

- Armored or non-armored

- Relevant off-shore standards available

B - Fiber Optic Cables

(B1) Indoor & Outdoor Cables

- Singlemode & Multimode

- Armored and non-armored design

- Fire resistance or flame retardant standard

- Loose-tube, tight buffered or breakout design

 (B2) Customized Ruggardized Indoor Patch Cables 

- Breakout series duplex assembly type Fiber Optic Cable OFNR

- Flame retardant Low Smoke Zero Halogen Jacket

- Elastromeric sub-cable jacket

C - Patch Panel & Accessories 

(C1) MIPP - Modular Industrial Patch Panel, DIN-Rail

- Modular design - combining copper and fiber management

- Wide temperature range from -20 degrees to +70 degrees

- High port density for maximum use of available space

(C2) 19" Patch Panel / Wall Mount Enclosure

- Available from 9 ports to 96 ports, IP ratings

- Compact, lightweight & low-protrusion design

- Optional with aluminium housing, epoxy coating, powder coating 

D - Media Converter

(D1) Fast Ethernet or Full Gigabit / Fiber to Copper Conversion

- Unmanaged-entry-level switches in many varieties

- 2 to 8 (+2) ports plus optional optical fiber ports

- Plug & Play allows for quick installation

(D2) Fieldbus Repeater

- Fieldbus modules for AS-Interface, DeviceNet, CANopen & Profibus

- Actuator / Sensor Distribution Box

- IP67 / IP69K Protection class, vibration & shock resistant

E - Network Communication Solution

(E1) Hirschmann OpenOCTOPUS Family - Waterproof IP67 / IP54 Switches

- Online-configurator for individual application

- Vibration-proof M12 connection technology

- Gigabit and Fast Ethernet connections for twisted pair and fiber optic cable

- Data redundancy based on RSTP, MRP, Hiper Ring or Bypass Relay

- Approval for rail / road vehicles and ships

(E2) Hirschmann OpenBAT Family

- Ruggard wireless LAN access points and / or clients for use in industrial environments

- Robust metal housing for mounting on DIN-Rails

- Comprise BAT-R (IP20) and BAT-F (IP67) series

- Supports the IEEE 802.11n transmission standard

- Data redundancy based on RSTP, MRP, Hiper Ring or Bypass Relay

(E3) Hirschmann EAGLE Family

- Highly efficient industrial firewall security system

- Distributed security solution

- Redundancy for high availability

- Scalable operating concept

(E4) Modular, OpenRail, RSP & RSPE Industrial Network Switch

- Future-proof network design with maximum flexibility

- Redundant power input

- Available in customized versions

- Available in conformal coating

(E5) Hirschmann Industrial Ethernet Rack Mount Switch - MACH Family Backbone Switch to Control Room

- Hot-swappable modules

- Optional redundant power supply

- Up to 48 Gigabit Ethernet ports & three 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports

- Highly redundancy

(E6) Hirschmann Industrial Hi-Vision

- Topology Discovery

- SNMP Trap Support

- Auto Discovery

- Configuration & extended diagnosis provided via interfaces, including HiVision 6.4, Web browser & TELNET

- Multi Configurable feature allows many switches to be configured at the same time with the same parameters

- Hi-Mobile App provides higher network availability with mobile monitoring of network devices