Industries - FTTX

The use of fiber optics in the broadcast industry has risen at an exponential rate with the dawn of digital video.

Industries - FTTX - Application

Fiber optics solutions for the network industry can be applied with: 

A - Fiber Optic Cables

Indoor & Outdoor Cables

- Singlemode OS2 & Multimode OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4

- Armoured, Non Armored design

- Fire resistance, flame retardant standard

- Loose-tube, tight buffered, breakout design

B - Fiber Termination Tools & Accessories 

(B1) Mini-6S Arc Fusion Splicer

- Smallest & lightest with large battery capacity 

- DWACAS (Digital Wavelength Automatic Core Alignment System)

(B2) Corningn Pretium Unicam Termination Tool Kit

- No epoxy, no polish, lightweight, handheld installation

- High-performance cleaver

- Singlemode or multimode LC, SC and ST compatible UniCam connectors

(B3) Corning UCAO 4-9 In-line Closure, IP68

- Suitable for buried, duct and aerial lines

- Capacity for up to 168 splices

- Closure sealing made of re-usable silicone

(B4) Rack Mount & Wall Mount Patch Panels

- Available from 6 ports to 96 ports

- Compact, lightweight & low protrusion design

- Optional aluminium housing, epoxy coating and powder coating

C - Test Equipment

(C1) JDSU OTDR MTS 2000 - Singlemode & Multimode

- Compact & lightweight with large touch screen display 

- Field installable module

- Optional built in optical power meter visual fault locator & optical talk set

- Wide range of optical modules

(C2) JDSU Power Meter & Light Source

- Essential optical test kits for Enterprise & Service Provider applications

- Certify standard, high dynamic and high power applications

- Auto-wavelength and TWINTest features for test time efficiency and error-free testing

- Permanent reference level storage

(C3) JDSU Advanced Cable Certifier 40G - Copper, Fiber & Performing Test

- Cat 6A / Class ES, Class FA copper cable certification

- Future-proof with 1600 MHz frequency range

- Touch2 system with two identical units at both ends improves operator efficiency

- Optional integrated fiber end face inspection

D - Fiber Optic Inspection & Cleaning

(D1) JDSU P5000i Fiber Microscope - Automated Fiber Inspection & Analysis Probe

- Provides PASS / FAIL capability to PC, laptops, mobile devices and JDSU test solutions

- Inspect and certify fiber end face quality at the push of a button

- Dual-Magnification Switching in both live and analysis views

(D2) Fiber Optic Cleaning

- Sticklers - Wide range from splice & connector, bench top CleanWipes or outdoor CleanStixx

- USConec - Mechanical cleaning tools for adaptor, end-face & unmated connectors

E - Network Communication

(E1) Allied Telesis, Advanced Gigabit LAYER 3 Expandable Switches

- Hi-speed 60Gbps expansion modules offer 10 GbE, gigabit fiber, gigabit copper, and stacking expansion options

- Provides high level of port flexibility and application

- Powerful network management

(E2) Hirschmann OpenRail Industrial Switches

- On-line web configurable managed & unmanaged switch

- Redundant power input

- Available in conformal coating