Industries - CCTV

Implement fiber optics technology into your security applications for a more secure communication and installation flexibility.

Industries - CCTV - Application

Fiber optics solutions for the optical security can be applied with:

A - Fiber Optic Cables

(A1) Indoor & Outdoor Fiber Optical Cables

- Singlemode or Multimode

- Armored or Non Armored design

- Fire resistance or flame retardant standard

- Loose-tube, tight buffered or breakout design

(A2) Military / Tactical Fiber Optic Cables

- Rugged, lightweight & flexible

- Excellent crush and abrasion resistant

- Excellent for use in deployment / retrieval applications 

- UV resistance polyurethane jacket 

B - Structured Cabling

- Available in Cat 5 / Cat 6 / Cat 6A / Cat 7 (S/FTP or U/FTP or U/UTP)

- PVC or flame retardant standard

- Overall jacketed with industrial grade compound option

C - Fiber Termination Tools & Accessories 

(C1) Mini-6S Arc Fusion Splicer

- Smallest & lightest with large battery capacity

- Stable splicing loss in any environment

(C2) Rack Mount & Wall Mount Patch Panels

- Available from 6 ports to 96 ports

- Compact, lightweight & low protrusion design

- Optral aluminium housing design

(C3) MIPP - Modular Industrial Patch Panel, DIN-Rail

- Modular design DIN-Rail panel combining copper and fiber management

- Wide temperature range from -20 degrees to +70 degrees

- high port density for maximum use of available space

D - Fiber Optic Testing & Cleaning

(D1) JDSU Test Equipment

Full range of handheld instruments for measuring power loss and insertion loss (IL), including optical light sources, power meters, attenuators, and test kits, essential for all technicians installing or maintaining any type of fiber network

(D2) Fiber Optic Cleaning

- Sticklers - Wide range from splice & connector, bench top CleanWipes or outdoor CleanStixx

- USConec - Mechanical cleaning tools for adaptor, end-face & unmated connectors

E - Allied Telesis Network Solution

(E1) Allied Telesis AT-MCF2300 Media Conversion System

- Multi-channel 4 slot modular chassis

- High-density conversion, up to 48 FE channels in 3RU chassis

- Managed and unmanaged operation

(E2) Allied Telesis SwitchBlade x908 - Advanced Layer 3 Modular Compact Switch

- SwitchVirtual Chassis Stacking (VCStack) - Excellent resiliency by creating a single "virtual chassis" from two SwitchBlade x908

- Ethernet Protection Switched Rings (EPSRing)

- Provides scalable & versatile switching solution

F - Network Communication Solution

(F1) Hirschmann Industrial Entry Level Rail Switch

- Fast ethernet or full gigabit / fiber to copper conversion

- 2 to 16 twisted-pair ports, plus optional fiber-optic ports for single or multimode fibers

- Plug & Play for quick installation

- Din-Rail design for compact allocation

(F2) Hirschmann Industrial Open-Rail Network Managed Switch

- Online web configurator to meet individual requirement

- Available in conformal coating

- Redundant power input 

- Available in extended temperature