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See the Light Seminar 2018

See The Light is the first seminar collaborated between Corning, Viavi, and Masstron with a focus on the need to adopt a robust optical cabling infrastructure and strategy for network scalability to prepare for transmission speeds beyond 10G or up 400G.

See the Light Seminar 2018

Doug Coleman from Corning shared insights into the technological roadmap on the network evolution to better help us in designing the optical cabling infrastructure for advanced data centres to meet the needs of the future.

See the Light Seminar 2018 - Stage

And Matt Brown from Viavi shared with us on some of the latest techniques and applications to test & ensure the best performance of today’s data centre fibre networks, including Parallel Optics fibre such as MPO, Active Optical Cable (AOC) & Direct Attach Cable (DAC) and 200G networks.